Best hotels in Lisbon

TriAdvisor has revealed the 10 best hotels in Lisbon based on travelers reviews. The 2015 Traveler’s Choice Awards includes 10 hotels in Lisbon and Cascais that have conquered great reviews online.

Here are the 10 best hotels in Lisbon

1. Britania Hotel
A small 3 star boutique hotel located in a parallel street to the busy Avenida da Liberdade. Built in the 1940’s, as part of the Art Deco movement in the city, it remains a historical building and a charming hotel.


Britania Hotel Lisbon


Room Britania Hotel, Lisbon

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2. Myriad by Sana

A 5 star luxury hotel located in the modern part of the city, Oriente, looking at the Tagus river. Not so central, but with all the luxury, comfort and modernity of a hotel opened in 2012.

Myriad Hotel Lisbon


Room at Myriad Hotel

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3. Olissipo Lapa Palace

A 19th century luxury palace converted in a top 5 star hotel that takes advantage of all its history. Located in the neighborhood of Lapa, that a lot of embassies call home, it is a bit outside the center, but if offers great views to the Tagus river.

Olissipo Lapa Palace
Room Olissipo Lapa Hotel

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4. Heritage Avenida da Liberdade

A charming boutique hotel in the most central avenue in Lisbon that has conquered several prestigious internacional awards.

Hotel Heritage Avenida Liberdade, Lisbon

Room at Olissipo Lapa Palace

Visit the website of Hotel Heritage Avenida Liberdade

5. Avenida Palace
This used to be the headquarters of the germans in Lisbon during the II World War. It is one of the oldest hotels in Lisbon (1748), but it keeps it old fashion luxury service and unbeatable location.

Hotel Avenida Palace


Room at Avenida Palace

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6. Santa Justa
Located near the elevator of Santa Justa, this 4 star hotel was opened in 2013 and it offers modern bedrooms and also a starting point to explore the city.

Santa Justa Hotel

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7. Epic Sana
A 5 star hotel located near Amoreiras that was opened in 2014 and offers modern and comfortable installations.

Epic Sana Hotel


Room Epic Sana Hotel

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Cascais (30 to 40 minutes from Lisbon)

1. Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa

A 5 star luxury Spa with an amazing view to the Atlantic Ocean. Located in the village of Cascais and built on the site of a former Italian palace.



Room at Grande Real Villa Italia

Visit the website of Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel


2.  Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

Luxury 5 star boutique hotel opened in 2011 and near a famous gold course with views to the Atlantic ocean.

Onyria Marinha Hotel

Visit the website of Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

3. Cascais Miragem

The infinity edge pool is just one of the many surprise of this 5 star hotel in Cascais, looking at the Atlantic with all the luxury and sophistication.

Cascais Miragem Hotel

Deluxe Room at Cascais Miragem

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