The Best Lisbon Food Tour

Azeitão cheese, the star of our Lisbon Food Tour

The Azeitão cheese, that was elected the second best in the world at the Mondial du Fromage in 2013, is one of the stars of our Lisbon Food Tour.

The last days have been very busy. We had several requests for our famous Lisbon Food Tour. It is one of favorites because it is a great way of tasting the delicious Portuguese flavors and, at the same time, discovering the secrets of the city of Lisbon.

We love to get out of the touristy circuit and showing the hidden gems of Lisbon instead. This goes for both the food and wines and the attractions. So, we move away from the crowds and enter the world that is behind the small doors.

Our Lisbon Food Tour goes for the family owned places, the cafes, wine bars and pastries that only the locals know about. And we go for the real Portuguese flavors, most of them still done the old fashion way.

We try pastel de bacalhau – the delicious codfish cake – in a small tavern – they are the best in town – and the famous Portuguese egg tart (pastel de nata) in a 19th century pastry that supplied the royal house with cakes.

We try ginjinha, the typical liquor, and the Portuguese wines, the vinho verde – that only exists here – and the unique Port wine in the best wine bar in town. I can not count the number of people that we have converted to the “religion” of Port wine with this tour. And, of course, we taste other amazing Portuguese wines, always perfectly paired with traditional local products. We try the cheeses, including one that has won the silver medal in the Mondial du Fromage last year, and several more, as well as the Portuguese chorizo and other sausages. And also a ham that will take you to heaven: Pata Negra.

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