Best wines of 2014

The best wine of 2014 according to "Wine Spectator"

Dow’s Vintage Port 2011, elected the best wine of 2014

The Port wine Dow’s 2011 was elected the best wine of 2014 by the prestigious magazine “Wine Spectator”. Dow’s leads a list of 6 Portuguese wines that are part of the top of the publication.

At the top 10, you have 3 Portuguese wines, including the very special Chryseia, the 3rd best wine of 2014.


Chryseia closes the podium of the best wines of 2014

Chryseia has been collecting amazing reviews

The 4th place also goes to a Portuguese wine: Quinta do Vale Meão.


2011 has been a kind year for wines

Quinta do Vale Meão is one of the best wines of 2014


All these wines have something in common: they are all produced in the Douro Wine Region, the first demarcated wine region in the world (1756).


The other Portuguese wines in the list:

13. Fonseca Vintage Port 2011
27. Quinta do Portal Douro Colheita 2011
56. João Portugal Ramos Alentejo Ramos Reserva 2012


You can see the full “Wine Spectator” list here.


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