Carmo reveals new archaeological treasures

The works in the Carmo Terraces, the new connection that is being built between Chiado and Carmo, have been quite an adventure. The archaeological teams keep discovering new things, including three skeletons that are still being studied. These last days, during our Lisbon Walking Tour, I and some of our travelers were lucky enough to see the diggings next to the Santa Justa lift and the new findings. And we took pictures, so we can share the news.

The Carmo ruins are revealing more about Lisbon

The archaeological team working next to the Carmo church


The skeletons, as you can see, are still in a very good shape and the next months will probably tell us a bit more about the time they died, who were those people and even the cause of death, if we are lucky. For now, just the excitement to see that we will for sure discover a bit more about the city and the people that have lived here.

One of the skeletons found next to the Carmo church

The works have uncovered three skeletons that are now going to be studied


Along with skeletons, they also found ceramics, coins and several other objects that will now be part of a long study. The discoveries have been so important that they even required some changes in the original project by Siza Vieira, the famous Portuguese architect. They have also delayed the construction process, but it is with great pride that we see this concern in keeping alive the history under this Gothic church that has survived to the big Lisbon earthquake (1755).
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One of the graves that was uncovered next to the church of Carmo

The new findings in Carmo will reveal new things about life in Lisbon