We know that you want to make your trip to Portugal special. Hopefully, this section will help you find answers to some of your doubts and questions.

 These are some of the most frequent questions we get. Our FAQ section will help you get answers, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have any doubts.

Careful with low cost tours
How can I choose a good tour company in Lisbon?

Your Friend in Lisbon believes in fair prices and quality. When choosing a tour company, you should always check what is included in your tour, to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  1. Is the tour company licensed by Tourism of Portugal?
    According to the portuguese law, every tour company must registered in Tourism of Portugal to operate legally. Why does it matter? Because a licensed company will have all the legal insurances and will offer you a professional and serious service. You are protected in case you experience any problem.
  2. Will the driving tours have a separate guide and driver?
    A budget company will offer you a guide that also drives. We believe this is not the best option. First of all, it is not the most safe. The guide/driver is explaining the history and context of the places you see on the way while also driving, so he is not 100% focused on is his job as a guide or as a driver. This increases the chances of mistakes and accidents, especially in busy areas like Lisbon and Sintra, for example. It will also make you lose time. Because each time you stop for a visit, your guide/driver will have to find a place to park and, at the end, you will have to get back to the car. This is time that you could be spending exploring more places. Some low cost companies even leave you at the door of the monuments and then you are on your own. For all these reasons, all our driving tours work with a separate guide and a chauffeur. The chauffeur takes you and the guide to the places you are going to visit and will pick you up when and where you want. No time wasted. And you always have a guide with you in the monuments and all places of interest, telling you the history, showing you the details and answering your questions. You get more time, safety and efficiency. But most of all you get a special experience, instead of an impersonal and uninteresting tour.
  3. Is the tour company reliable?
    A company that doesn’t show up on time can ruin your day in Lisbon. An inexperienced company can waste your time. We believe that the best way of checking if a company is reliable or not is to read testimonials in sites like TripAdvisor. If the company is working legally it will probably have several reviews. We only have 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor. Read it here.
  4. Is the tour private?
    There are private and shared tours. Your Friend in Lisbon only does private tours. We believe this is the best way of offering personal, unique, memorable tours. We have experienced ourselves, as travelers, group tours that left us disappointed with a city or a place. Because you really don’t explore it your way and you have to adjust to everyone else. With a private tour, there are no strangers in your group and we adjust the tour to your interests and preferences. Believe us, this makes a big difference. Instead of one more tour, you will remember that special day.
  5. In the food and wine tours, what is the quality of the products?
    Our food and wine tours always include premium quality local products, 100% portuguese and some of them with the protected designation of origin (PDO). You will taste food coming from small producers, keeping the secret recipes of centuries. This translates in an amazing taste. All these premium products are included in the price when you buy one of our food and wine tours.


Choosing the right company and the right tour is always the first step to have a memorable time in Portugal. And we are very proud of been able to offer that. Have you seen our great reviews? A lot of them say “great value for money”.


Private Tours
Do you only do private tours?

Yes, all our tours are private. This means that it will only be your party. No strangers. We believe this is the best way of offering personal and unique experiences, adjustable to your group.


Who are your guides?

All our guides are locals and experienced professionals that have been doing tours for some years now. We love our job. We have met people from all over the world and we love to share our passion for Lisbon and Portugal with them.


Can I choose a specific guide?

Although we can not 100% guarantee you a specific guide, we will do our best to assign you the guide of your preference if you tell us a name.

Activity level
Do I have to walk a lot in the walking tours?

Our Walking Tours have a moderate to high activity level. Lisbon is a hilly city, but we work with experienced guides and efficient itineraries, mainly downhill. If you have mobility limitations, we suggest that you take a look into our chauffeured tours, where we can combine walking with driving or just explore Lisbon – and other places – by car.


What equipment do I need?

No equipment needed. We advise you to bring comfortable shoes for the walking tours.


What kind of cars do you use in your chauffeured tours?

We use premium cars (Mercedes, Audi, BMW or equivalent, depending on availability) for 2 people, always with all the comfort and AC – most of our our vehicles are 1 to 2 years old. For more than 2 and till 6 people, we use premium vans (Mercedes, Volkswagen Sharan or equivalent). If your group is bigger, we will use a minibus or a bus. All these vehicles are modern, comfortable and equipped with air conditioning. See some examples of the cars we use here. Please note that we may have to use different cars in special occasions, but we always guarantee great quality vehicles.


What languages do your offer?

We are currently offering tours in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Can my kids do your tour?

All our tours are private, so we adjust to you. Our youngest “client” was 4 months old.


Pick Up and Drop Off
Will you pick me up at my hotel?

All our chauffeured tours include pick up and drop off at your hotel in central Lisbon.

The walking tours have a meeting point in central Lisbon as a way of limiting the walking distance and avoiding uphill itineraries – Lisbon is a hilly city.

Food and Wines
Can I do a food and wine tour if I have allergies or others food restrictions?

Please let us know what are your allergies/limitations/restrictions and we will do our best to adjust the tastings to you, if possible.


Reservations and Payments
How can I book a tour?

The process is really easy. You just have to choose the tour you want to do in our site, click Book Now, check availability, confirm your payment – you can use credit card or PayPal – and you will receive a confirmation email after that.


I don’t like to pay for services in advance.

Your Friend in Lisbon is a licensed company, registered in Tourism of Portugal. As soon as we receive your payment we will send you a confirmation email.

Why do I have to make a reservation and pay in advance?

When a reservation is confirmed, we block that day and one of our guides for you. Lets imagine it is a really busy time and we have several tour requests for that same day. Because we have a limited amount of guides, we will have to refuse new reservations after we are fully booked. By asking a previous payment we reduce the risk of rejecting reservations because of bookings that are canceled afterwords.

Should I tip the guide?

In Portugal, tipping works as a reward for good service. It is not mandatory but it is appreciated and considered a sign that you have enjoyed the work of your guide. Giving a tip, as well as the value of that tip, is your personal choice.


Can I cancel a tour?

If you have to cancel a tour, please inform us as soon as possible. Please check our cancellation policy  for details about refunds.

Can I get a refund?

Please check our cancellation policy for details about refunds.


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