How is the Lisbon weather?

The Lisbon weather is one the best in Europe

The Lisbon weather has attracted millions of people from all over the world, even at Winter time

The Lisbon weather is one of the best in the world. Where else in Europe can you find a country with 250 days of sun per year? No snow, no cold temperatures, even at Winter. Not a lot of rain. Mild Spring days, long Summer days, with the Atlantic Ocean moderating temperatures, although we normally have hot Julys and Augusts.

It is no wonder that during the European cold winters we get so many tourists from the North, trying to escape the freezing weather. In Lisbon, even in December, it will still be nice. An average temperature of 12º Celsius (53,6 Fahrenheit). The last time we had snow in Lisbon was in 2006 – and the previous one was 50 years before that. So, we are basically lucky, lucky people.

Having in mind the Lisbon weather, what is the best time to visit Lisbon? I would say that you can do it all year round, but I recommend May and September as great choices. In May, the rainy April is gone, and the sun starts to announce the warmer days. The crowds of tourists haven’t arrived yet and the beautiful jacarandas – the Brazilian trees that cover so many of the Lisbon squares – are blossoming. And again in September, with the crowds of tourists already gone and Autumn still waiting, it is a great time.

Want to check what the Lisbon weather will be when you visit? Take a look in the table below.

Monthly Lisbon weather

Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Water temperature Hours of sun Chances of rain Humidity
January 8°C    46°F 14°C    57°F 16°C    61°F 5 37% 82%
February 9°C    48°F 16°C    61°F 16°C    61°F 6 33% 76%
March 11°C    52°F 18°C    64°F 15°C    59°F 7 30% 74%
April 12°C    54°F 20°C    68°F 16°C    61°F 8 36% 72%
May 14°C    57°F 22°C    72°F 17°C    63°F 10 25% 71%
June 17°C    63°F 27°C    81°F 19°C    66°F 11 9% 66%
July 18°C    64°F 28°C    82°F 19°C    66°F 11 5% 65%
August 19°C    66°F 29°C    84°F 20°C    68°F 11 9% 66%
September 18°C    64°F 27°C    81°F 21°C    70°F 9 20% 71%
October 15°C    59°F 22°C    72°F 20°C    68°F 6 44% 76%
November 11°C    52°F 17°C    63°F 18°C    64°F 6 43% 77%
December 9°C    48°F 14°C    57°F 16°C    61°F 4 42% 83%


You can also check the weather for the next days at the official page of the Portuguese Meteorologic Institute.

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