Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon Food Market

A meal in the Food Market in Lisbon

Pompano fish with garlic “migas” [mashed bread] by chef Marlene Vieira

Since May, there is a new Lisbon Food Market and it promises great happiness to our team of foodies. We have been trying and testing the different stands and we can now tell you that it is definitely worth the visit.

The new Mercado da Ribeira is already THE food spot in Lisbon. It is a big place, with 30 different stands. Different chefs, restaurants, cafes, food and wine shops represented. Some of the best local food gurus. And the amazing opportunity of tasting different flavors in a great combination of old and new. We love it.

Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon Food Market

What we like in the Lisbon Food Market:

  • The variety of food
  • The quality of the menus
  • The reasonable prices


What we don’t like that much in the Lisbon Food Market:

  • It gets really crowded
  • Not enough tables

Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon Food Market

Some of our favorite stands in the Lisbon Food Market:

Marlene Vieira
Great fish, good quality and reasonable prices

Manteigaria Silva
The cheeses and ham platters are delicious.

What can we do? We love the Port wine macaroons.

Alexandre Silva
Good quality products, a creative touch and a wonderful pork belly.

The croquettes
Love the traditional ones, just to start a meal.


Oh, and we almost forgot the Santini ice creams, which are the best in town, now also here in the market. Too bad they don’t have all the flavors of the shop.


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