Mini Bar Tasting Menu, an adventure for the senses

Mini Bar is the new restaurant by Portuguese chef and food superstar José Avillez. The food guru, that has won a Michelin star when working at historical restaurant Tavares and again in his very famous Belcanto, decided to go for his fifth restaurant in Lisbon – all in Chiado – because every night he was refusing close to 200 people for lack of space in his other places.

Mini Bar, a gastro bar next to Teatro São Luiz, was inspired by the theatrical atmosphere of the place, but has also borrowed same of the famous recipes of Belcanto. You can taste my beloved explosive olives, for example, but Mini Bar is much more gentle with your wallet than Belcanto.

I love Avillez’s style, his creative spirit, the way he plays with visual and taste elements and how he brings Portugal to every dish. And at the same time I love the modern twist in his cooking. He is the creative mind behind some of the best restaurants in Lisbon. Our Mini Bar adventure was definitely worth it.

Here is the Mini Bar Tasting Menu, set in Acts:

Here is how Caipirinha looks like at Mini Bar

It doesn’ look like but this tastes like Caipirinha

1ST Act
Caipirinha – Belcanto 2012


The 2nd Act at Mini Bar

They look like olives, but don’t let them fool you

A prawn ceviche at Mini Bar

The prawns came from Algarve and it is impossible to get them fresher than this

2ND Act
El Bulli olives 2005 XL size (* I am crazy about this “olives”)
Ferrero rocher, not what it appears to be! – Belcanto 2011 
Algarve prawns in ceviche


The tuna tar tare temaki cone at Mini Bar

Fresh tuna and some great Asian flavors

3RD Act
Tuna tartar temaki cone with spicy soy


The scallops at the 4th Act of the meal at Mini Bar

Oh my god, this one just made me happy

4th Act
Pan seared scallops with Thai Flavours (* loved, loved, loved this one)


Hamburgers José Avillez style at Mini Bar

Starting the meat section

Veal rice at the Mini Bar

The Portuguese flavors are definitely present

5th Act
JAburger with PDO beef
Veal rice with parmesan


Mini Bar did this one for chocolate lovers

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, a bit of fleur de sel

Mini Bar Tasting Menu, an adventure for the senses

This is how it ends at the Mini Bar restaurant

A great way of cleaning your palate after the meal

Chocolate cone in 3 textures with fleur du sel and pink peppercorn
Lemon-lime globe

Mini Bar Information

Price of the tasting menu: 35 euros per person
Address of the Mini Bar restaurant:
Rua António Maria Cardoso, 58, Chiado, Lisbon
Tel: (00351) 21 130 53 93 * (it is always a good idea to make a reservation)

Link to Google Maps here.