Ne Oublie Port: this one is special

Ne Oublie Port


There are only 656 bottles of Ne Oublie Graham’s Port in the world. And we had one in our hands today. It is history in a bottle. Price: 9.000 dollars.

This special Port was released by the Symington family. It dates back to 1882, the year that the Scottish Andrew James Symington arrived to Portugal – he starts working at the textile company Grahams and, in 1894, the Portuguese State will hand him the mission of selling 20.000 barrels in England.

The direct descends of Andrew James Symington have now bottled this nectar using one of the remaining three barrels. “The other two barrels have been entrusted to the next generation of the family and it is they who will decide their future, in 2025 at the earliest”, explains the company in the website.

In 2011, british writer and wine critic Andrew Jefford tasted this wine and fell in love. “You simply can’t create complexity of this order in under a century or so, I suspect…There was a cleanliness and a precision about the wine, though, that was a testament to 130 years of exemplary stewardship… a synopsis of life and time.”


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