Port wine and chocolate are best friends and we decided to put them together in this premium tasting. Join us for a special Port and Chocolate Tasting right in the center of Lisbon.



  • a great experience for curious travelers;
  • learn about Port with one of the best wine specialists in town;
  • real glasses – not tiny ones;
  • each product paired perfectly by our wine specialist with great quality wines;
  • a tasty way of discovering Portugal.


Port and Chocolate Tasting in Lisbon


Produced in the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, Port wine is the most famous Portuguese wine in the world. Our wine expert has selected some of his favorite aged Ports and paired them with different types of chocolate to take you in a trip of different aromas and flavors.


This is a great experience for curious travelers looking to learn more about Port, its history, the different types of Port wine and how to choose a good one. This Port and Chocolate tasting is lead by one of the most passionate sommeliers in town and his deep love for Port is highly contagious.


Try 3 aged Ports and 3 different types of chocolates to go with it. All explained by our specialist.



  1. Where is the tasting?
    This tasting is done in a great Lisbon wine bar with a local wine expert. When you book the tour, we send an email with all the details, including name and address of the wine bar.
  2. I think I don’t like Port…
    This is a great opportunity to check that. We can tell you something: there is Port and Port. Most of the people that do this tasting get a very pleasant surprise and discover that they like Port after all.
  3. Is this a good tasting for couples?
    We can not think of a more romantic program than this one: Port and chocolate, great for special occasions.


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