What is Saudade?

Saudade is one of the most difficult things to explain about the Portuguese culture. It is something that runs in our blood and a word that really doesn’t have a good translation in other languages.

To get it, you have to come to Portugal, explore the narrow streets, feel the people, look at the ocean or the Tagus river, know about our history, eat our food, drink our wine and really understand fado. You have to come with an open mind and discover Portugal with a local.

Saudade is contagious. It is this melancholy/nostalgia that is also gratefulness for a memory. Writer Anja Mutic wrote a great article about saudade for “The Washington Post”. Here is the link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/falling-in-love-and-longing-in-lisbon/2014/03/13/a5fd3cec-a89b-11e3-8599-ce7295b6851c_story.html