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The Portuguese wines are becoming international rock stars. For some years now, the growing quality of the wines Made in Portugal was a well kept secret, only known by wine experts, but Wine Spectator’s list of the best 2014 wines, lead by Dow’s Vintage Port, may be the end of that secret.

“USA Today” published a new article this week about this exciting time for the Portuguese wines. “The world’s greatest wine region? If you’re thinking Bordeaux, Burgundy or Napa Valley, it may be time to think again”, writes Paul Ames. “Wines from Portugal’s Douro Valley claimed three of the top four places in Wine Spectator’s 2014 top 100 ranking — including the No. 1 spot awarded to Dow’s 2011 Vintage Port.”

The newspaper spoke with Paul Symington, producer of the best wine of 2014 for the “Wine Spectator”. The Port wine clan is excited with all the media buzz. As it is well pointed by the article, “prices of the winning Dow’s vintage port have more than doubled to over $250 in Portuguese stores since its ranking was announced last month”. But “still, many of the region’s great wines are a bargain compared to prices charged by French and Italian competitors. The Portal Colheita 2011 red, which ranked 27th in Wine Spectator’s top 100, can be snapped up online for $15 a bottle.”

The Douro winemakers believe that this is just starting. The truth is that the Douro Valley, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world (1756), has been producing amazing wines for more than 300 years. Focused on the massive hit of the Port wine, its quality has become international, but the new generation of oenologists is making sure that Douro gets known also for its impressive table wines.

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