Where to stay in Lisbon

Baixa/Chiado would be my choice as the best place for a hotel in Lisbon. A central location that will keep you near the most important attractions in the city.

Recommending a hotel in Lisbon is difficult as the best option will always depend on the preferences of each traveler.

Some people prefer more modern, others classic hotels. Some prefer to stay in very lively areas, others in more quiet zones. Some dream about a rich breakfast, others just skip the first meal of the day. Choosing the right hotel is always something very personal.

When I travel, I like to stay in the center of the city. It is normally a bit more expensive, but I see this as a good investment, when I don’t know a city. That is why I would choose a hotel in the area of Baixa/Chiado.

In Baixa/Chiado you will have plenty of hotels of different styles: from boutique to big chains. You will also have all kinds of restaurants  and transportation – metro, bus, train, taxis – that will help you get anywhere, including the Lisbon airport.

A lot of people ask me about Bairro Alto. Again, very central location, but you will have to be careful here if you don’t like noise. Bairro Alto is the party zone at night. So, if you like a good party, it doesn’t get better than that. If you prefer to relax, you will have to know exactly the street of the hotel to see if it is busy or not – do you have any doubts? Send me an email to alex@yourfriendinlisbon.com and I will be glad to help you.